Molly's Recital

Molly the Harpist
December 3, 2010
     Our friend Molly had a harp recital that her boyfriend (both of which go to our church) and some other friends participated in.  It was our first of hopefully many cultural experiences in Champaign-Urbana.

Molly Harping Away ~ Her Boyfriend, Joe Playing Together They Look Nice Together =) Getting Ready To Play We Really Enjoyed This Taking A Break








First Big Snow

December 4, 2010
     A couple pictures to record our first big snow in Illinois.

Wearing Little Snow Hats They Really Got It Bad

















Rusty Gate
December 16, 2010
     Benjamin and I were house- and dog-sitting for our pastor and his wife.  I decided to go on a little photography adventure around the house!

Little Bunny Foo Foo Hopping Through the Front Yard Cold Needles Snow-covered Trees Hello, Fit! Attention All Squirrels! Watch for Ice on Bridge. Rusty Gate Laboring Away Spontaneous Combustion of Mr. Snowman Vines Taking Time to Notice the Small Beauties in Life Good Luck With That, Santa. Nothing Marvelous Here, Just Snow-capped Trash Cans ~ Looks Almost Good Enough to Eat Kitchen Window Light Bulb --Isn't it Amazing? Sherry Has a Knack for Plants. Kitchen Window Ornaments on the Window I Was Fond of This Particular Ornament. Looking Out at the Cold Winter's Day Beautiful Handiwork Thoughtful Beautiful Color We've Been Told We Have the Same Eyes The First Black and White Picture I've Attempted I See You. Christmas Cactus =) Soaking Up the Sun Katie This Looks Dangerous!




Merry Christmas
December 25, 2010
     We spent Christmas with Benjamin's family this year. We enjoyed relaxing with family in three different towns in Indiana.








December 29, 2010
     For my birthday, Benjamin took me to Chicago to see the sites and my college roommate and friend, Nom Hee.