Recipe Under Revision
ingredients 6 servings
1-1/2 cups very warm water 2 teaspoons yeast (1 packet?)
2 teaspoons sugar 16 oz (2 & 3/4 cup) bread flour
1 teaspoon salt 3-1/2 oz (1/2 cup) semolina flour
1 tablespoon olive oil  
2-3 cups pizza sauce 2-3 tablesppons cornmeal


  1. pour yeast and sugar into very warm water, let sit for 3-5 minutes
  2. mix flours and salt then mix in water
  3. knead dough for 1-3 minutes (you may want to grease your hands up before/during this)
  4. in a medium bowl (~2 size that of dough), add olive oil and roll dough around until coated
  5. cover bowl with towel and place in warm place until doubled in size or an hour (whichever is first)


  1. ensure center or higher rack is available then heat oven to 425F
  2. lightly grease pan with oil or shortening
  3. lightly spread cornmeal on 14x17 baking pan (other appropriate seasoning could be used)
  4. grease hands with oil/shortening to dough does not stick
  5. spread dough out, covering the pan
  6. optional, but suggested - line edge of pizza with mozarella cheese, roll edge of dough over cheese to create a stuffed crust, then push the dough back to the edge of the pan (this will keep sauce from running)
  7. spread some of the cheese on the dough then all of the sauce
  8. add toppings as desired then another layer of cheese if desired
  9. bake on center rack in oven for 20-25 minutes or until top looks good

Notes - A "warm place" could be in the sink surrounded by hot water with a towel on a bowl to keep in the heat.
If you mix yeast with water that's too hot you can kill it.

If you stop and wait a while just before putting the pizza in the oven, the dough will expand more and the crust will be fluffier. Just make sure the dough doesn't expand over the edge of the pan.