ingredients 1-2 servings
minced onions ground beef
tomatoes (sliced) garlic
red potatoes mixed vegetables (thawed/cooked)
salt & pepper  

  1. preheat oven to 415-425F
  2. lay out 18-24" square of aluminum foil, shiny side up
  3. place hamburger patty in middle surrounded by quartered (or eighthed) red poatoes
  4. lightly cover patty with minced onions, add mixed vegetables until slightly over-flowing
  5. cover with a thick slice of tomato (upwards of 3/4"), add minced garlic, salt and pepper
  6. fold foil in thirds (approximately) over food, then again the other direction, and place in oven for 1 hour
  7. remove from oven, check that meat is cooked, return to oven if necessary
  8. if desired, over the sink, stab holes in bottom of foil with fork and let juices (mostly fat) drain over sink
  9. let cool for a few minutes before serving

Notes - This is all to taste.  Change anything (except the size of the foil =).  You'll want to fold the foil in such a way that it is easy to unfold in the end in case you have to put it back in to cook longer.  I personally don't like tomatoes much, but the thick tomato slice on top of it all turns into somewhat of a stewed tomato and is delicious.  I use carrots, peas and corn primarily for my vegetables but you can have whatever you want.